Unthinkable, Twice Over

Your doctor calls. The biopsy is positive. The unthinkable has happened – your spouse has cancer.

Now what?

Will you be at work tomorrow as usual?
Will you be working more or less in the coming months?
Will your household income go up or down?
Will your expenses go down or up?
Will your mortgage payment seem less or more challenging?
Will you be able to get the policies you should have bought while you still qualified?
Will even a great major medical plan cover all of your new expenses?

You get the idea and the answers are obvious. The unthinkable diagnosis adds insult to injury with unthinkable costs. You already know some living this nightmare, right?

What about the solution? Healthy habits certainly reduce the chances of cancer (or heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, and more), but not to zero – ask Lance Armstrong! Medical technology is increasing the odds of surviving – Great!

Yet the direct and indirect costs of that technology, the treatments, and the rehabilitation process levy financial consequences that can be ruinous to health and home. This reality led not an insurance company, but the surgeon of the world’s first human-to-human heart transplant, Dr. Marius Barnard, to come up with the concept of Critical Illness Insurance. It’s living insurance. It lets you focus on healing without the stress from mounting bills.

We can help you choose the best critical illness insurance value for your situation, whether included with your life insurance, or a stand alone policy, lump sum or menu of benefits, on payroll or direct. Think it over, then choose.