Our Philosophy

garth hassel portrait Our Philosophy

Doing things right requires a long term perspective. Marriage, raising and educating kids, community involvement – although there are moments of instant gratification, the greater benefits are over the long haul. This is all part of securing our future. But there’s more.People need to invest wisely and protect their assets. Although we’re equipped to provide superior resources to those who already have substantial assets, we focus on middle class families and small business.

Access To Many Options

Ever wonder why rich people still are? By following unlicensed celebrities who are paid for entertainment ratings, endorsements, and books? Hardly. In the news we constantly hear that only the rich benefit from “this and that.” The rich aren’t necessarily unfair, and they certainly aren’t ignorant. Yet the rest of us don’t have to suffer either unfairness or ignorance. Our clients value the astounding power of an individualized, integrated plan. Among our 2300 options are the tools that, until recently, were reserved for the rich.

Money: The More You Keep – The More You Grow

We don’t churn your money. Intelligent plans don’t need to react to the market, and periodic reviews are matters of wisdom for addressing changes in the client’s life. It’s your money. The more you keep, the more you have to grow, the more choices you have.

Garth’s mission is to ensure that there is no family or small business left behind.