Important Note About Online Applications

For most states, the ONLY way to know what your plan will cost is to apply!   You do not have to commit to the plan you choose on the application, we can change that after receiving offers from the insurers. 

You made the right choice to apply here rather than go to the nationwide quoting sites.  Why?  Here’s what those online quote engines get you:

  • Best case rates only, so that many applicants are frustrated when insurers don’t offer them their best rates.
  • Your info will be sold as “leads” to brokerages and agents half a dozen times or more!
  • Endless calls from agents from around the country – agents you’ll likely never see or hear from again!
  • Gobs of emails from agents and agencies around the country! 

Not us!  You made the right choice!  WE WILL NEVER SELL YOUR INFORMATION!  We are the only ones who will contact you in order to give you the no hassle advice you need to make the best selection!  Don’t get mad, get coverage!

Before beginning your application, please have handy the following information for all applicants:

  • Current insurance, if any
  • Dates/places of medical treatments
  • Name & town for physicians who provided treatment
  • If taking medicine for high blood pressure or cholesterol, know what your latest measurements were
  • Prescription medication – diagnosis, dosage, who prescribed.

Most applications can be completed with no obligation and without providing payment information.  Some companies do require payment information in order to process the application.  Those companies usually charge an application fee, which may or may not be refundable, depending on the company.  This information is disclosed during the application process, or just ask us.

Health benefit plans that are not true insurance will have published rates that typically do not vary based on health status.  These applications are very brief.  An example of this is USA+.  These can be great plans, but they are not a substitute for major medical insurance. 

Please contact us if you are pregnant, or plan to be soon, so we can save you time and clarify your options.

Some companies are more favorable to large families than other companies.  Contact us for more information!