Idaho Falls Supplemental Insurance

Are you looking for Idaho Falls supplemental insurance? Supplemental insurance is a great way to help you fill in the gaps of your major medical insurance plan. Supplemental insurance is also great for those people who want or need to customize the ailments their policy will cover. For example, you can get a cancer policy that will pay you if you develop cancer. This is especially helpful for those who have an increased cancer risk. There are many reasons to seek out a supplemental insurance policy. If you are searching for Idaho Falls supplemental insurance, please check out the options here at East Idaho Insurance. The type of supplemental insurance policies that we carry pays you first. You can get lots of different types of coverage including accident, dental, vision, specified disease (cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and major organ failure), short-term disability, hospitalization, intensive care, and sickness. Many people find that their current major medical policy is seriously lacking when it comes to these areas. A supplemental policy helps you pay high deductibles or fills in the gap when your insurance doesn't pay.

Get The Extra Coverage You Need

These are not major medical policies and do not take the place of your regular health insurance. Instead they are a great option for those who would like to economically reduce potential medical costs. People can customize the plan to cover those medical needs that they foresee needing. The policy is not secondary insurance, and there is no coordination necessary between the supplemental policy and your existing insurance. This is also not a discount plan. It's simply a plan that pays you directly if you run into medical problems that are covered under the plan. Choosing one of our supplemental plans may be great for those who have a Health Savings Account. Please contact us today to see if you qualify.

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If you think Idaho Falls supplemental insurance is the right thing for you and your family, please contact East Idaho Insurance today. We are highly experienced in this area and we are prepared to answer any questions you may have. We can personally go over the options so you are armed with information and can make an informed choice.

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