URGENT: Local vs. Federal Control on the Line!

state seal idaho 150x150 URGENT: Local vs. Federal Control on the Line!Which do you prefer in general? Local or distant bureaucratic control? The Idaho legislature is taking a disappointing turn regarding the establishment of an Idaho health insurance exchange, apparently in part due to the thought that IF the Supreme Court rules against PPACA (Obamacare), then we’d be wasting time getting ready to establish an Idaho exchange.

Since when is being proactive a waste of time? At least it would be a funded mandate through a federal grant, whereas if we are RE-active, Idaho foots the bill. Maybe, just maybe, even if the Supreme Court reverses PPACA, Idaho could benefit from the process of pursuing the exchange.  That would be forward thinking, wouldn’t it?

Why should you care?

If you’ve found the services of licensed agents, me for example, to be helpful in navigating choices, assisting with claims, reviewing coverage in light of your big picture, then you should be concerned about losing those services.  Then you, yes you, need to contact your Idaho representatives now – today – to tell them they better not mess with your choices by squandering Idaho’s only shot at having some say in the process.

If you like one-size-fits-all (ultimately universal) coverage, with the compassion and individualized expertise that comes with the largest bureaucracy on the planet that also happens to be $15 Trillion in debt, then enjoy.  Do nothing.

PPACA has already reduced the pool of  competitive carriers in Idaho.  PPACA has already slashed our compensation by over 50% while actually increasing costs to consumers.   (In other words, those of us who still do this, do it to be helpful, not to get rich – that is essentially impossible.)  Should we not take advantage of what little control Washington, DC is offering?

Great things never happen by doing nothing.  Let’s take control while we still have some.