Will Obamacare make health insurance agents obsolete?

We’re asked this a lot.

On one hand, the government’s takeover of the free market health insurance will make passive health insurance agents even more useless than they are now. You know, the ones who simply say, “Here’s what most people get, fill in and sign here.” That’s the kind of lackadaisical service that prompts people to apply online without consulting a professional – often with sad consequences!

On the other hand, for professionals who truly work for the best interests of their clients, Obamacare, however it unfolds, will increase the need for the services of competent health insurance agents. How? Many ways, but for now let’s briefly look at Medicare – that lofty foundation (laid on sinking sand) upon which much of Obamacare is being built. The rollout of Medicare decades ago created the need for – you guessed it – Medicare Supplements! Make no mistake – the heavy hand of government will control costs by controlling services (at least to a significant degree). Controlling might be more accurately called Limiting. People who don’t want to be limited will demand something more than standard government fare. People will want something better, faster, in addition to, on top of – “good enough for government work.” Remember, anonymity breeds mediocrity. Hence the mediocre service, if that, of most government agencies. Ever find yourself impressed when a government agency performs almost on par with the private sector? Me too!

If your last encounter with a health insurance agent left you disappointed, find another with references. If you think the government will simplify health insurance so that you won’t need a pro, think again.