Plain Language Disclaimers regarding PPACA Commentary

Plain Language Disclaimers – Read at least once:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is massive legislation creating a seismic shift in obligations and the flow of money (especially from individuals and small businesses) to the federal government. The IRS, Departments of Labor and Health & Human Services, and other government entities are drafting tens of thousands of pages of regulations to implement and enforce it.  (Short clip that illustrates this point.)  The sheer complexity and lack of precedence fuel continual interpretations from these entities. Each state’s department of insurance responds with it’s position, then the insurance companies comply.  Finally, brokers, accountants, attorneys, payroll and human resource professionals collaborate to advise their clients. You cannot simply Google plug ‘n’ chug answers, and there is no “app for that.”  My entries in these communications are intended to sharpen your awareness and do not constitute individualized recommendations.  East Idaho Insurance is my brand for marketing health and supplemental health insurance. Other services requiring my health insurance license and five other professional licenses are supervised through a major corporation that is unaffiliated with East Idaho Insurance.


If you could have any connection (directly, legal including spouse’s business, or through your DNA) to a controlling interest in another business, I urge you to seek specialized legal counsel. I can connect you to a local attorney who will, at no charge, refer you to a qualified attorney – they are uncommon and will be extremely busy soon. [Analogy – if millions of people suddenly needed quadruple bypass surgery, how difficult might it be to see a cardiac surgeon?]  I and the local attorney are collecting zero fees for this. The specialized attorney will charge a fee; however, that attorney might not need to put a lot of time into your situation and should be well worth it considering the potential liabilities that multiple business owners face under PPACA.  The July 3, 2013 reprieve from the White House might buy you up to a year, but not necessarily.

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

– Henry Ford