Idaho Falls Maternity Insurance

East Idaho Insurance offers Idaho Falls maternity insurance. It's specially designed for those families hoping to add another member in the foreseeable future. The maternity insurance that we offer pays over $3000 for a normal delivery with two days in the hospital. There are several different options for this kind of supplemental coverage. At East Idaho Insurance we want to make sure you are getting the best service and information, so please call us to find out more details on this Idaho Falls maternity insurance option.

Plan Now and Save Down The Road!

The plans we offer are supplemental insurance options. They are general hospitalization plans and sickness indemnity. They include a maternity benefit. This means that you can use the policy for things besides maternity. Depending on the situation, if you get sick or have a stay in the hospital while on this plan, the plan may also pay out for that. It's extra coverage that's there if you need it. In order for the plan to pay out for childbirth, you must be enrolled 10 months prior to your actual delivery date. With a little planning, you can pocket quite a bit of cash to help you pay for the things you need to. Here are some examples of the plans we offer:

Hospitalization and Sickness Indemnities. This policy, along with appropriate riders, pays in excess of $3000 for normal delivery and two days in the hospital. You will get a little extra if you have a cesarean, which will probably require you to stay in the hospital longer, which leads to additional benefits. Your newborn will also be covered for 30 days without additional premium. Intensive Care Indemnity. It may be wise to add this policy if you worry about your newborn needing to be admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The newborn will automatically be covered for 30 days without additional premium.

Get Coverage Throughout The Whole Way

Short-Term Disability. This covers the mother for 6-8 weeks following delivery. It pays out monthly for disability caused by the birth. It's a great coverage to have and it takes care of paying you for the time off of work that the mother will need to take to recover. Most individual insurance plans have $5000 deductible. This Idaho Falls maternity insurance is a great way to help families meet their deductible and pay for expenses and lost wages. Please call East Idaho Insurance today to discuss your options. We have lots of experience and we would love to help you.

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