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Now more than ever, businesses and families need someone to help!

For individuals and families, we offer affordable health insurance options, whether you are leaving group insurance, between jobs, not yet eligible for group insurance on your new job, a college student, or not eligible for any insurance.  We have a plan for everyone! 

For growing families, we offer maternity insurance that pays well over $3000 for a normal delivery with two days of hospital confinement. 

For individuals and families looking to customize their coverage to their lifestyles and family histories, or to fill in the gaps in their major medical plans, we offer a wide range of quality supplemental insurances

For individuals who recognize the importance of life insurance, we offer a no-nonsense approach to identifying the best value, intelligent plan for your life and the lives of your loved ones or business partners. 

For individuals who want to insure their money machine, we offer extensive expertise and resources for disability income insurance

For individuals and families who want to sleep sound every night regardless of economic conditions, we offer the prestigious services of Wealth Safe of Idaho.  Wealth Safe of Idaho capitalizes on a scientifically proven, holistic and integrated process for optimizing your dollars to protect what you value, cover your bases, and build your financial fortress. 

For small business owners who want to increase their competitiveness and demonstrate their concern for their employees, we offer introductory benefits – it couldn’t be any easier or more cost effective! 

For the owners of small to medium size businesses, we offer a broad range of group benefits, retirement plans, as well as supplemental benefits.  We also offer services to address the special needs of business owners and their key employees.  We even offer employer-paid, fully portable and guaranteed renewable life insurance that only asks one basic underwriting question!

For the self employed, we proudly represent the National Association for the Self Employed!  The NASE is a nonprofit organization bringing a broad range of benefits to help entrepreneurs succeed.  We are also part of the Healthcare Solutions Team, which has partnered with NASE to provide access to top rated health insurance companies. 

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