Idaho Falls Insurance For Employers

At East Idaho Insurance we provide Idaho Falls insurance for employers in the form of supplemental insurance. Whether you are an employer that currently offers benefits or one that does not, we can help you keep your employees happy and establish a competitive edge over other companies by providing supplemental insurance.

Protecting Your Employees Will Give Them Peace Of Mind

If you currently offer health insurance to your employees that is great! But, maybe you worry because the cost of that Idaho Falls insurance for employers keeps rising and the benefits keep diminishing. Please look into offering supplemental coverage for those who work for you. These supplemental policies can help fill in the gap between costs and benefit payout. You can make the existing health insurance policy that you offer even better at no additional cost to you. We offer many different supplemental programs and if you have three or more employees sign up for at least one month they will receive a group discount. It's a win-win situation; you have satisfied employees and they get great supplemental insurance coverage.

Choose Which Services To Offer Your Idaho Falls Employees

Maybe you don't currently offer health insurance for your employees. We understand! Health insurance premiums are on the rise and it's tough for small companies to provide that extra benefit. We can help you offer supplemental insurance to your employees at no cost to you. In the past did you subsidize health insurance for your employees but then quit once costs became too much? Some employers also like the option of contributing to their employees' supplemental insurance policy. It's not nearly as expensive as contributing to a major medical plan and employees (both part-time and full-time) love that you are helping them by offering better benefits. Idaho Falls insurance for employers can be expensive, but not through the supplemental insurance policies offered at East Idaho Insurance. You can start today. Call us to find out what your options are. Even if you only have fifteen minutes of time, we can get you on your way to offering more benefits to your employees. We have tons of experience and we would love to help you figure out how our Idaho Falls insurance for employers can help you and your employees.

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