Assume nothing with dependent maternity coverage

Health care (make that insurance) reform required that dependents be eligible on their parent’s health insurance policies until they turn age 26.  But wait!  Does that mean dependents have the same coverage?  Not always!  Few health insurance plans (whether employer group or individual) cover maternity for dependents.  Here’s an excerpt from a widely used policy for school districts:

No benefits are provided for any Normal Pregnancy or Involuntary Complications of Pregnancy for enrolled Eligible Dependent children.  However, tests to determine pregnancy are covered.  All other diagnostic x-ray and laboratory services related to pregnancy, childbirth, or miscarriage are not covered for dependent children.” (Emphasis added)

So, should your 24 year-old daughter marry, she better get her own policy with maternity coverage if she’s wanting to start a family.  Same applies if your teenage daughter is sexually active.  Don’t let the government’s new rules lull you into false assumptions.

Confused?  Then talk to a professional while they are still available, because health insurance reform is partly designed to remove your access to professionals to increase your dependence on Washington, D.C.  Take control while you can.